The Impact of Remote Work in Europe by 2030

The EU structure has been designed as an integration project to ensure democracy and human rights protection.

Through the 19th and 20th century, progress in the political system led democracy and long-lasting social systems becoming core values of the European actions.

Although there are still scenarios of dictatorships, communism, poverty…

With Emi Lorincz

Shaping the Future of Crypto Valley with Emi Lorincz
dGen Co-Founder, Jake Stott, and CVA Board Member, Emi Lorincz, discuss the future of CVA and blockchain in Switzerland.

Switzerland is a country of banking, fabulous mountains, fresh air and clear lakes — but also one of the top nations for cryptocurrency and blockchain related projects.

What has happened in the past decade to put Switzerland in such a favourable position, and what role does the Crypto Valley Association…

Jake Stott

Building Global-First Ventures | Founding Partner at Beyond | Giving my take on Web 3.0, growing the next wave of startups, future of work and remote teams.

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